4th EP “Get Going” Release!

On June 10th, her 4th EP “Get Going” is released digitally.
The lead track, “Get Going” is KOYUKIʼs inspiration as a guitarist, and she was heavily amazed by watching Tommy
Emmanuelʼs (“the god of acoustic guitar”) show, whom she is most influenced by and composed this song when she was 12 years old. The song expresses a strong feeling to face any difficulties, and this time, she recorded a more melodious renewed version. The coupling track is a cover of  Tommy Emmanuelʼs “Only Elliot”.  This is a memorable track of when she joined in to perform at Tommy Emmanuelʼs show in Japan. The story is that Tommy himself instructed the method and said, “keep on playing!”.

4th EP「Get Going」

Jun, 10th, 2022 Digital Release Worldwide
1. Get Going
2. Only Elliot (Tommy Emmanuel)
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